WELCOME to the Thongs 4 Feet Web site.

Before I go any further, I have to thank my Son, (The Webmaster) for his help. I had no idea what it takes to construct a web site. During this process, I was constantly bothering him, with questions, which nearly drove him over the edge. He said I was the worst client he ever had.(CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?) & could not wait for me to be "Just Mom Again"

Well now, as you can see, we are up & running. I'm happy with my site & my Son is happy to have "Just Mom" back again.

(Now: Let me tell you about Thongs4feet.)

When I was younger, my Mother taught me how to crochet, so I've always had an interest in these crafts. A few years ago I got into making these thongs, as a novelty. If you are like me & love to go barefoot in warm weather, you will enjoy thongs4feet.

I took them with me, on a winter vacation & the people at the resort, thought they were just great. Consequently, I came home with a number of requests to make more. My girlfriends suggested, I should try to sell them over the internet. I thought; (WHAT A COOL IDEA!) This is where my Son came in. I asked him if he would build me a web site."SURE MOM!! I CAN DO THAT FOR YOU" & this is the results of "His Labor."

I hope you will view my product & decide to try a pair or two, to match your favorite outfits, or bathing suits. They're cute, comfortable, look great, & fun to wear.

Dazzle everyone, when you wear; (thongs4feet.) or, give them, as a gift, to that "Special Someone." We hope you have as much fun with them, as we have!!



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